chris - marketing manager

Friday, July 30, 2021
I first made contact with Hartley Resourcing well over a decade ago, when , in my position of Marketing Manager, I had a number of vacancies for roles in the marketing department. Andrew by that time had already been working for a number of years with the Company successfully filling vacancies across all departments, and I quickly realised why the HR team and the Company had established a long term relationship with Hartley Resourcing. Andrew had amassed a considerable body of knowledge about the Company, its marketplace, corporate culture, and, most significantly the types of individuals who would thrive in that company environment. Therefore I found that once Andrew had determined the scope of, and expectations for the roles he was much more able than competing agencies to effectively filter out prospective candidates whom he knew would be unsuitable, and present a more refined shortlist of suitable candidates. As a consequence the recruitment process for me was an easier and more fruitful procedure than would have been otherwise, and over the years of my tenure as Marketing Manager and Marketing Director, Andrew successfully placed a number of exceptional candidates in my department , the overwhelming majority of whom have blossomed in their careers either within our company, or beyond, and in some cases have progressed to senior level in some Global Blue-Chip organisations. Therefore I and the other candidates who were made redundant during the summer of 2018, were delighted to hear that Hartley Resourcing would be handling our outplacements. It was then that I got to benefit first-hand from Andrew's professional outplacement experience . From the assistance he gave me in constructing a CV in a format appropriate for today's market, to the incisive critique of my interviewing style, the role play and the priceless advice on how to go about searching for a job, I came out of each one-to-one session with a renewed sense of optimism that despite my advancing years Andrew had prepared me perfectly for my next role. I secured the first job I applied for and I genuinely believe that this would not have been the case were it not for the invaluable, highly personalised, one-to-one coaching and advice that I received from Andrew. I know that all the other colleagues who were made redundant at the same time and had the outplacement benefit from Hartley Resourcing have now all secured new positions and also attributed their success to Andrew's unparalleled dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm in preparing them for new roles. I know I speak on behalf of the others who benefitted from the experience in saying that I cannot recommend Hartley Resourcing enough as a primary Recruitment and Outplacement agency. In my 33 years at my previous company they were the best … by far !